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OPE Sheild

Residential Tractor - Maintenance Plan - 1 Year

Residential Tractor - Maintenance Plan - 1 Year

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Preventative Maintenance Campaign for 1 Year, Pickup and Delivery Included!
OPE Shield will provide preventive maintenance services for the equipment owned by the Customer. The preventive maintenance services will be carried out to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of the equipment.

Services Included - Once per Year: The preventive maintenance services provided by OPE Shield shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Inspect overall condition of engine
  • Test engine compression
  • Rebuild fuel system as needed
  • Install new fuel filter
  • Tighten engine mounting bolts
  • Inspect all engine governor linkages
  • Test charging output
  • Inspect front axle assemblies
  • Tighten and lubricate chassis
  • Adjust steering
  • Test safety switches
  • Inspect wiring
  • Clean battery connections
  • Test solenoid
  • Inspect all idler pulleys
  • Inspect blade belt
  • Inspect drive belt
  • Check hydro oil and filter*
  • Adjust brakes
  • Air all tires to specifications
  • Inspect blade drive spindles
  • Test ignition voltage
  • Replace air filter
  • Replace spark plug
  • Change oil
  • Change oil filter
  • Sharpen and balance blades*
  • Clean fuel system
  • Test run system to ensure equipment is functioning properly
  • Pressure wash*
  • Test equipment a final time

    This Agreement does not cover repairs or replacement of parts resulting from accidental damage, abuse, neglect, or any cause beyond normal usage. 

    * Additional Charges may apply.

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